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Things to do in the area

Nature is very near with us. You can fish, pick berries in season, hike, bike, ski or visit the nearby national parks of Oulanka, Hossa and Riisitunturi. There is a barbeque hut in the yard. 

There are three boats on the ”home” shore. In addition, there are boats available on two other lakes.


City center services 23 km (25min.) Markets 25 km (27min) Ruka 45km (40min)

In the Summer

Summer Fishing

There is a lot of great places in terms of fishing grounds. The nearby Muojärvi is a good lake for all kinds of fishing and especially for trolling. Välijärvi, the location of our cottages, is at the widening of the waterway connecting the lakes of Muojärvi and Kuusamojärvi. Fish migrating from lake to lake pass through Välijärvi. For example, trout, lake trout and vendace move from one lake to another at different times. .

Dock and boat ramp

For the fishermen and water enthusiasts at the beach, there is a boat ramp and the big dock. It is nice place to spend the summer even though the fish do not always bite.


There are many hiking destinations nearby. About three kilometers northeast from our cottages, the Korkeasaari island rises in Lake Moujärvi. It is a great excursion destination in beautiful weather. The peak of the island is about 30 meters above the lake surface. The lakeside views are magnificent. There are also some geocaches near the cottages (distance a few kilometers).


Forests are coniferous pine forests, with easy access for children also. In between the forested areas there are swamps and wetlands. You will find great bilberry (blueberry) and lingonberry areas in the forests.  A few kilometers eastwards there are also cloudberry swamps. Cranberry is found every year. Mushrooms are found everywhere. Mushroom species of forests include, Lacterius (milk-caps), Russula and Boletes.

In the Winter

Winter Fishing

Ice fishing from the early spring on the river will give you unforgettable catch of whitefish. In the early winter, especially ice fishing for whitefish is a local favorite, why not for you too? It is easy to move around the lakes on a snowmobile. Nearby are the lakes Kuusamo, Muojärvi and Välijärvi, which are well known ice fishing spots. Are you interested in ice fishing in the winter?

Hiking and skiing

Many hiking destinations are found even in the winter. For example, 500 km of skiing routes around Kuusamo can be found. You have the opportunity to ski to a nearby cabin for roasting sausages on the Muovaara hill, which offers great views. Snowmobile trails run close to Niemenlomia. You will be able to rent a snowmobile and go on a snowmobile ride on Lake Muojärvi or on snowmobile routes nearby. The abundant snowmobile trails in Kuusamo gives you the chance of even snowmobiling to Lapland


The wintery nature of Kuusamo offers the traveller something that he has not experienced before. Incredible snow covered trees, northern lights, and many other things make the winter forest a magical place.


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